Are we living in a selfie state? Woman taking selfie and pouting

Are we living in a Selfie State?

Is the age of the selfie state over? We are moving into an era where a selfie state is more refined. It’s about investing in yourself both emotionally and financially
We’ve all done it. We’ve all been part of the selfie state that the wonderful Instagram introduced us to, and we’ve all got a selfie out there on the internet that we wish would disappear forever. If you haven’t, you’re either in denial or living under a rock. But is the age of the selfie state over? I think so. I think we’ve all moved on. Even Instagram has moved on and I think it’s about time that you did to. When it comes to online dating, your profile picture is everything and there are millions of images out there that whilst once may have been ‘the cool thing to do’ now just look a bit naff. We are moving into an era where a selfie state is more refined. It’s about investing in yourself both emotionally and financially. More and more singles out there are opting for professional photos over the bog-standard selfie. That’s not to say professional pictures are a must for online dating. Of course, you can still take a selfie and look amazing but there are a few selfie trends that you really need to stop following if you really want to find your perfect match.

So, what selfie state trends have had their day?​

❤️ The bathroom selfie

This is an absolute no, no! If you’re tempted, please stop. Firstly, if you’re trying to attract a date, the last place you want them to see is your bathroom. It may be top of the range but guys, there is a toilet in there! It’s also very distracting when you’re taking a selfie in a big bathroom mirror and the person looking can see your reflection. It’s done. Do not go back!

❤️ The duck face

Oh lordy lordy, how did this ever become a thing? We took the pout to another level. Let me ask you this. Do you want to date a duck? No, I didn’t think so. Stop trying to make your gorgeous lips look like something they’re not. It will only lead to disappointment when it comes to meeting your online date in person. Seriously, you’re quackers if you think this is cool!

❤️ The driving selfie

Do I really need to go here? Firstly, look out the front window, not at your phone. If you can’t use your phone to call or text when you’re driving, why do you think it’s ok to take a picture? It really isn’t a good look!

❤️ Sleeping selfies

These just make me laugh. We talk all the time about being real when it comes to online dating so why on earth would you think you could possibly look real when you take a selfie of yourself asleep. You’re not really asleep are you? And if you are, the chances are your bae took the picture which leads to another question…can you guess where I’m going?

❤️ Danger selfies

Seriously guys, it’s not worth risking your life just to get a great selfie. No more needs to be said about that. Stay safe kids!

Tips for the perfect selfie (if you absolutely must)

If you’re happy living in a selfie state and want to get it right, here are a few tips from me.

📱 Practice makes perfect

Play around. Selfies are supposed to be fun. Try standing or sitting in different positions, tilt your head, try different angles and then choose the best picture for your profile.

📱 Keep a clear background

If you’re just taking a picture for social media, sometimes you want to show off where you are and that’s ok but when it comes to your online dating picture, backgrounds can be distracting. Unless you’re using your background to bring out your best features (which you may not know how to do) then just keep it clear.

📱 Use natural daylight

There is so much technology out there now at reasonable prices that you can light up your selfie like Vegas if you really want to. But there’s no substitute for natural daylight – ideally on an overcast day. 

📱 Angle the camera

Instead of taking the picture head on, try raising it slightly. It can give a really flattering picture if you get the angle right.

So what's it going to be? Selfie or no selfie?

At the end of the day, selfies are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to give you confidence and they are designed for a reaction. But bear in mind that we are talking about how you want to look to a potential match on a dating site so before you do this, think about what you would like to see in someone else. If you don’t want to see a bathroom selfie, the chances are, they don’t either.

Have fun, keep it light and if all else fails, bring in the professionals!

Need a little help to find love online?

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