Online dating tips for busy professionals

My Top 5 Online Dating Tips for Busy Professionals

Online dating for busy professionals is a different ballgame. When you’re at the top of your career game, how are you supposed to meet that someone special?

It’s no surprise that one in five relationships in the UK now start online. Some of us are still living busy lifestyles whilst others have adjusted to the online world since Covid began.

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough being single when you have free time to go out and mingle but when you’re at the top of your career game, how on earth are you supposed to meet that someone special?

Quite often, the only solution is to fire up the laptop and go looking for love on the world wide web.

Online dating for professionals is a different ballgame. Why? Because it’s likely that you’re not in your early 20’s anymore, your priorities have changed, and the occasional hook up just isn’t your bag (Forgive me if it is, I’m generalising).

How do you choose the best online dating sites for professionals?

My first bit of advice would be to stay clear of the likes of Tinder and POF. Not that there’s anything wrong with these online dating sites, in fact, I used them when I was single – they are just not traditionally aimed at professionals.

There are some fantastic blogs online that can point you in the right direction. For example, I found 6 Best Dating Sites 2021 in the UK from

Look for the more traditional dating sites such as Match or Elite Singles as these are more for those looking for relationships rather than ‘just a bit of fun’.

Once you’ve found the right dating site(s) for you, what do you do next?

My Top 5 Online Dating Tips for Busy Professionals

1 – Pay attention to your profile

From your picture to your bio, it’s important that you don’t rush in, share a random selfie and talk a lot about yourself. If you really want to stand out when online dating, you need to be unique.

Your profile picture should tell a story. Not the ‘I got drunk and danced on the tables’ kind of story. The ‘Look into my eyes and they’ll tell you everything you need to know’ kind of story.

Your profile picture is the first impression people get of you and if you don’t hit a nerve at this point, it’s likely that no-one is going any further.

It’s not about how attractive you are in the picture, it’s about the picture it paints. If you really want to attract the right attention, work with a Dating Profile Photographer, they really know their stuff!!! (Not that I’m biased!)

2 – It’s not all about you

When it comes to your bio (written dating profile), you really don’t want to be average. You want to stand out and be different to every other dating profile on the site.

Talk a little about you, your life, your loves and your friends and then make it easy for someone to start a conversation with you.

Asking questions in your dating profile is a great way to attract attention. If you get it right, your potential matches will be intrigued and want to know more.

For example, ask them to message you with their favourite childhood memory. It would be a great conversation starter.

3 – Don’t rush in

Now, it’s likely that you’re going to be inundated with messages (especially if you follow my tips) but you don’t need to rush into anything.

Pick those profiles apart with fine detail and look for professionals with similar lifestyles or interests to you. Your life is busy enough without having to work around challenging schedules.

It will be a whole lot easier if you both like to do the same things.

4 – Make a commitment

Don’t panic, I’m not asking anyone to put a ring on it, but I do understand that when you’re online dating as a professional, your time is limited.

Before you start this journey, make sure you’re mentally and physically ready. If you are going to take the time to find the right dating site, create the perfect profile and sift through loads of messages then you need to be ready to commit to actually dating.

Yes, that means taking time out! A weird concept I know but it’s a must if you’re jumping on this exciting bandwagon.

5 – Timing is everything

Once you’ve connected with one (or two) people and you’re ready to take the next step, don’t sign up for a romantic evening straight away.

Remember you’re online dating with professionals and it’s not a bad idea to let your first date reflect this.

Consider a coffee at lunch time. There’s far less pressure than an evening meal and you can decide from there if it’s something you want to pursue further.

Oh go on then, here's another!

Above all (and this is an extra tip), have fun. Online dating for professionals doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It’s just about meeting like-minded people and enjoying the little moments.

Need a little help to find love online?

I’m an absolute pro when it comes to helping singles stand out on dating apps. So if you’d like to get more profile views, more messages and more dates, I’d love to hear from you.


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