Finding a date in time for Christmas

My 6 tips to finding a date in time for Christmas

Believe it or not, there is still plenty of opportunities for you to find a date in time for Christmas and my top tips will show you how.

I went there. I actually mentioned the ‘C’ Word. Please forgive me but in the lead up to the festive season, I felt that now is a good time to share my top tips on how to find a date in time for Christmas.

You heard it. You had the radio on in the office and you heard it. A Christmas advert. Before a raw egg has had the chance to hit your door (Halloween reference in case it needed explaining), Christmas is on the minds of marketers and within a week, you won’t be able to enter a supermarket without Christmas cheer throwing up all over you!

So, how do you feel about it? Does it fill you full of dread or are you looking forward to it?

In all honesty, after the eighteen months we’ve had, we’ve earned this Christmas. Even if there are no turkeys on the shelves, no-one is talking about the gin disappearing, so I reckon we’ll be ok.

But if you’re single, Christmas may not be such a great time for you. I remember being single at Christmas and as much as it was lovely to spend quality time with my family, all I really wanted was a card that said, ‘to my love’ and a cheeky snog under the mistletoe. In fact, I’m pretty sure one year I was so desperate (and drunk), I tried to snog the face off my mother’s friend’s son’s boyfriend. (Yep, you read that right!)

You know what? 🎵 It’s Christmas time and there’s no need to be afraid 🎵

Listen up Bridget, put down your wine, stop singing ‘all by myself’ into your hairbrush, get yourself booked in for a photoshoot and hit the online dating scene. It’s where it’s at and believe me when I say, you have plenty of time to find love (or at least a date) before Christmas.

So, now you’ve got yourself together, what are my top tips to finding a date in time for Christmas?

My top 6 tips on bagging a date in time for Christmas

1 - Get online

It’s harder than ever to socialise and although restrictions have eased, there just isn’t the same atmosphere out there at the moment. If you can’t go to them, make them come to you by joining some online dating apps. It doesn’t have to be POF or Tinder, there are more dating sites out there than ever and you will find the right one for you.

2 – Be fussy

There are literally millions of singles online and you really don’t have to go on a date with the first one that takes a swipe at you (metaphorically speaking obviously!). Don’t rush in, take your time to look at their profiles and decide if they seem a good fit. You do the choosing.

3 – The more the merrier

Christmas is not next week. You have time. Don’t set yourself up on one date and be under the deluded impression that this is the one you’ll be kissing under the mistletoe. The truth is, you’re probably going to have to kiss a few frogs first but hey, that’s the fun part.

4 – Don’t get desperate

Understand that having a date at Christmas is not the be all and end all. You’re going to have a great time anyway. Which means you can be choosy. Make a list of ‘must haves’, a list of ‘would be nice to have’ and a list of ‘no way Jose’s’. That way, as the clicks come in, you can place them in order of priority. (Yes, I did just get that clinical but love at Christmas is serious business!)

5 – Date, date and then date some more

The best thing about this time of year is that it’s filled with romance. There are so many choices when it comes to places to go. Think ice-skating (yes, I’ve seen Serendipity), think feel good Christmas movies, think S’mores around a roasting fireplace. If ever there was a time to help someone fall for you, it’s now.

Heck, I even host my very own singles nights now – why not check one out!

6 - Feel good

You don’t need an excuse to get glammed up but if ever there was a time to spoil yourself, it’s during the festive season. Buy the clothes, buy the designer make up, book yourself into the hairdressers and make yourself feel like the star you are.

Whether you find a date in time for Christmas or you don’t, remember, Santa is always watching, and I’m pretty sure you made the nice list 😉

Need a little help to find love online?

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