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5 Top Tips: How to write a good dating profile

The time has come. You’ve decided to start dating, but how do you write a good dating profile? Stick to my five top tips and you won't go far wrong.

So the time has come. You’ve decided to start dating. Whether you’re new to dating or a dab hand at it, writing your dating profile can be difficult. Stick to the five top tips and you won’t go far wrong.

1. Be honest – a must if you’re to write a good dating profile

Don’t be someone you’re not and please don’t lie – you’ll always get caught out.

A client got in touch with recently to say that his new partner ended their relationship because she discovered he’d lied about his age on his dating profile.

There’s honestly no reason to be anyone but yourself.

There’s someone out there for everyone and being honest will aid you in finding them.

2. Outline your intention in your profile

Some of the feedback I get all the time from clients is that they are never sure whether people are on dating apps for a one-night stand or to meet their special someone.

So make sure to outline what your intentions are. If you’re playing the field, make sure your profile reflects this. Or if you’re looking to settle down, say so.

There’s nothing worse than going on a first date with someone you’ve been chatting to for a while to later find out that you both want different things out of your dating experience.

When writing your dating dating profile, mention the kind of things you’d want to read about other people.

You only have a split second to grab someone’s attention so make sure your main dating photo is on point.

3. Your dating profile shouldn’t say too much

Keep your profile short and to the point. The idea of your dating profile is to get people interested in wanting to learn more about you.

Having a decent dating profile will prompt people to ask you a question or to start a conversation.

If you’ve given away your life story, there’s not a lot that potential partners are left to be curious about.

4. Don’t disclose personal information!

I know it sounds obvious. So apologies if I come across as patronising, but, never include personal information in your online dating profile. Sure, tell people about yourself but never disclose things like your:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • home or work address
  • bank details
  • passwords

5. Ask your friends to read your profile

I highly recommend asking your friends to sanity check your dating profile. You may have read over it 10 times but it’s easy to still miss things like spelling mistakes.

Your friends will also be honest. If they think you’re falsely representing yourself or giving away too much information – they’ll tell you.

Wait! Before you go – don’t forget your dating photos!

You only have a split second to grab someone’s attention so make sure your lead dating photo is on point!

A picture speaks a thousand words. And although it’s not a great feeling being judged on your appearance, without a photo, you’re going to attract very little attention.

Your photos should show the real you. And only you.

Don’t upload photos that include your ex-husband, your granny or your children.

I have a number of dating profile photography packages if you need a little help in this area.

Elite Singles have a really handy infographic on their “How to Write a Dating Profile: 5 Steps to Online Dating Success” article.

Need a little help to find love online?

I’m an absolute pro when it comes to helping singles stand out on dating apps. So if you’d like to get more profile views, more messages and more dates, I’d love to hear from you.


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