Why Bridget would approve of your singleton-photoshoot

Why Bridget Jones would approve of your singleton photo shoot

I work with singletons every day. Either photographing them for their dating profiles or giving them a platform to meet other singles face to face.

Monday 11 July

129lbs (post weekend), alcohol units, 12 (it was a party, so totally justified) cigarettes, 0, calories 6,250.

Sound familiar?

If you are of a certain generation, you have likely just been transported back to the late nineties where every woman in her 20’s had her head in a book. Laughing and crying in equal measure and smiling at every relatable drama that Bridget Jones had found herself at the centre of. 

At a time when being single made us feel as though at the tender age of 22, we had officially been left on the shelf, along came Bridget who not only made it ‘the norm’ but she also made it funny, sad, and damn right outrageous. Coining the phrase ‘singleton’ and starting the everlasting trend of singing into your hairbrush and belting out Celine Dion’s ‘All by myself’.

Then came the dreaded dinner party. When all her ‘couple’ friends came together, and she spent the evening justifying her single status.

I’m pretty sure that we no longer look at singletons and wonder what is wrong with them. In fact, most of us now admire those who haven’t yet committed themselves to another human being for the rest of their life. (She says with just the slightest tinge of jealousy).

Unlike the days of Bridget, being single is now a way of life and oh what a life it is.

We date. A lot. With access to so many different ways of meeting people, the world is literally our oyster.

Society not only accepts our single status, but it applauds it which has opened the doors to a more carefree and less pressured existence.

I often wonder what Bridget Jones would make of Love Island. Would she be appalled, or would she have been the first to fill out her application form?

Now, we are allowed to embrace our singleton status and we are allowed to be confident and make choices that once would have raised an eyebrow or two.

Take what I do for instance. I work with singletons every day. Either photographing them for their dating profiles or giving them a platform to meet other singles face to face.

In years gone by, paying for a personal photoshoot would have been frowned upon unless it was a headshot for your professional biography. Now it’s becoming increasingly popular to book a shoot to make yourself look fabulous on those dating apps.

5 reasons it is becoming the norm to book a personal dating photo shoot

Well, there’s a few reasons actually.

1 – Those photos are going to look amazing on your dating apps. They will literally be queuing up to contact you.

2 – They are a brilliant confidence boost. You will look back on them for years to come with fond memories.  

3 – You’ll feel glamorous. They will catch you at your best and you’ll be strutting your sexy stuff all over the place.

4 – It’s a story. You can share the experience you had at the shoot. How much fun it was, where you went, the pampering you had in preparation.

5 – They grab attention and make you stand out. With so many people embracing the life of singletons, you need a way to make yourself shine.

So, why not? It’s time we embraced the glamour of being single and invested in ourselves. The world is full of doom and gloom but giving yourself a little confidence boost will always make it a much nicer place to live. 

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