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5 Reasons Online Dating Isn’t Working For You

I hear it all the time. ‘I’ve tried online dating and it doesn’t work’. It does you know; I know this because not only am I surrounded by success stories, but I am my own success story.

I met my man on none other than Tinder. Tinder! Of all places! I am not slating the site in any way, but online dating is so much more sophisticated these days and there is so much choice out there it’s almost impossible not to find a dating app that works for you. 

I don’t mean to sound harsh but if online dating isn’t working for you then the chances are, there’s a reason. I would say, it’s not you it’s me but the truth is, it probably is you.

Here’s the good news. It’s not your fault and there are very simple steps you can take to make sure that online dating can work for you and work it shall. Cinderella, you will go to the ball!!!

In this blog, I am going to explore 5 reasons online dating isn’t working for you. Let’s see if any of it sounds familiar.

Here are 5 reasons I think online dating isn't working for you

1 – Your profile picture is off

Before I met my blokey, I had been searching Tinder and was utterly uninspired. I was fed up with seeing the same old, same old and no-one was standing out.

It was full of men who thought it was a great idea to take a selfie with their ‘guns’ out. Admit it, you know the type or even worse a picture that’s been blatantly reduced in size to crop out their old girlfriend – or even a selfie with their ex front and centre (like the dreadful one above). It really wasn’t doing it for me, and I was, in all honesty, totally bored with the whole scene.

And then I saw him. His image popped up and instantly I knew he had actually made an effort with this. He was dressed smartly; he was smiling, and the pictures looked like they had been taken by a professional. He stood out!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your profile picture doesn’t matter. It really does. Bathroom selfies have had their day and it’s increasingly popular to hire a professional dating photographer to capture your best side.

2 – You’re too much of a romantic

Listen, I am living proof that online dating can lead to meaningful relationships but don’t enter into this world with that thought. It’s supposed to be fun and should be treated that way.

It happens when you’re not looking. It’s when you least expect it so don’t start your journey setting yourself up for a fall. Enjoy the process and if it happens, it happens.

3 – You’re on the wrong dating site

It’s not like there’s not a lot to choose from. In fact, I wrote a blog about this recently. There are so many to choose from now that you don’t need to waste your time on apps and sites that aren’t working for you. 

If you’ve given them a chance, move on and try the next one.

4 – You’re a bit boring

Now I don’t want you to take this one personally because you’re actually not boring at all but you may be coming across that way because you’re maybe a tad nervous?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The idea of an online dating site is to get to know each other before you meet, so do that.

Be interested in their life, start a conversation by asking an open question and continue the conversation from there. By the same extent, if they are asking you questions, avoid a simple yes or no answers. Give them something. They’re asking for it!

5 – Your written profile is off

Now we’ve addressed your profile picture, let’s look at your actual profile. What you say about yourself is important. This is another area where many are choosing to outsource to professional profile writers who know how to make your already amazing self, amazing on paper.

Open your profile with a question that will intrigue. Stay away from boring statements and show your true personality. Don’t make it all me, me, me, give your potential matches something to talk about and make it easy for them to make the first move and message you.

These are quick fixes so if you are finding that online dating isn’t working for you, try these little hacks and let me know how you get on!

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