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Standing out on Tinder

I’m sure you’re aware of the concept of Tinder? You swipe right for likey and left for no likey!

Do you judge a book by its cover?

We’ve probably all been guilty of judging a book by its cover – me included. Potential partners are judging you (and you them) solely based on looks. Which personally I was never a fan of. Obviously this is the case for many dating apps (or when you catch someone’s eye across the bar) but Tinder just felt so much more brutal.

Professional photos stand out

I actually met my partner on Tinder. But it wasn’t his devilish good looks that attracted me to him, it was that he stood out. His photos were among some of the best I’d seen on any dating app. Why? They were professionally shot. Yeah, he had some selfies (some quite cheesy ones) but his main profile photo and a few others were crisp, clear, colourful and after meeting him for the first time, we’re a true reflection of him. During my two years of dating, I found so many photos were filtered. And I’ll bet that so many people had better photos they could have used for their main pic. Put your best photo up front! That’s the one people are going to use to decide whether they want to learn more about you.

Need a little help to find love online?

I’m an absolute pro when it comes to helping singles stand out on dating apps. So if you’d like to get more profile views, more messages and more dates, I’d love to hear from you.


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