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Outfit Do’s and Don’ts for your Dating Photo Shoot

A few hints and tips on outfit choices for your dating profile photo shoot.

A few months ago, a client rocked up to their photo shoot in creased clothes.

It looked like they’d pulled their outfit directly from the tumble dryer and not given their iron a single thought.

Prepare your outfits

It might sound simple and obvious to most, but some people genuinely don’t think to iron their clothes.

Most of my photo shoots include an outfit change which requires clients to select and bring along a few outfit options. This requires a spot of planning.

Here’s our dating photo shoot outfit preparation dos and don’ts:


  • dress for the weather
  • bring props and accessories
  • wash your clothes in advance
  • pack clothes carefully so they don’t crease
  • consider bringing your clothes in a suit bag
  • and our No.1 tip – iron your clothes!


  • turn up in dirty or creased clothing
  • wear too-heavily patterned garments
  • experiment with new clothing on the day
  • leave your outfit choices to the last minute
  • screw your clothes up in a Tesco bag

Stick to these rules and you’ll look super smart!

Give me a shout if you’d like more advice on what to wear or things to bring on the day of your photo shoot.

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