Dating client with headphones around his neck in front of a brick wall

What to expect during your Dating Photo Shoot

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "What happens on the day of my photo shoot?", so here's a bit about what to expect on the day of your dating profile photo shoot.

Our Lead Dating Profile Photographer (and the East Midland’s No.1), Gem, answers one of our most frequently asked questions,

"What happens on the day of my photo shoot?"

So read on to find out what to expect from one of our small, medium and large dating profile photo shoots.

Firstly, all of our photo shoots take place outdoors rather than being studio-based. We find this makes for a more fun and relaxing experience for you, our amazing clients – looking for love.

1. I’ll be waiting for you at our meeting point

Before the day, you’ll have already received details of our meeting time and location – so you know exactly where to go.

If you’re not familiar with Nottingham, I’ll already know this, so your booking confirmation will recommend places to park – or if you’re getting the train, you’ll know to meet me in the train station foyer.

You’ll know who I am as I’ll be the one waiting with a red rose camera (and a welcoming smile).

We’ll have each other’s numbers so if there are any logistical nightmares, we can keep in touch.

2. A quick overview of your dating photo shoot

Your session will last anywhere from 30 minutes to a full-day, depending on your preferred dating photo shoot package.

We’ll have a little chat about:

  • your chosen outfits (I’m also happy to offer advice on this before your shoot)
  • my style of photography
  • the route we’ll take
  • photo selection and download

Let the fun begin!

Oh – and 100% of my clients say they felt relaxed in my company and in front of my camera – please expect to feel the same.

3. We’ll chat about all sorts

Getting to know you is really important to me as I want you to get the most out of your time with me. I have a fair amount of dating experience so feel free to ask me anything. I’m very open and happy to share my dating highs and lows. Dating will obviously be the main topic of conversation. I’m likely to ask you how long you’ve been dating and what dating sites you’re using or planning on using, such as Elite Singles, eHarmony or Bumble. In fact, a lot of clients say their photo shoot feels like good practice for being on an actual date! I’m really easy to talk to.

4. Your dating photos will be captured

70% of my time is spent shooting dating photos in Nottingham and Derby, so I know the very best shots to help your dating profile stand out. If I’m shooting in your hometown, I may be faced with unfamiliar territory. If this is the case, I’ll do plenty of research and ask if there are any specific locations you’d like your photos capturing.

Home or away, we’ll wander at a casual pace and I’ll capture a range of fun and relaxed:

  • headshots
  • upper body
  • and full body photos

If there are any specific shots you’d like, just ask.

I’ll ask you to randomly use any accessories or props you’ve brought along and there will be time to change your outfits too. There’s always a cafe or bar in which to do this.

Dating photo of a male in a woolly hat sat in a red doorway
Male with beard and wearing a cap in front of a black and white arty wall - one of 20 dating photos
Male client stood against a brick wall outside The Castle pub, Nottingham during his dating photo shoot

5. All done – let’ wrap things up

It’s amazing how quickly our time together will go – time flies when you’re having fun.

Honestly, we’ll have had an absolute blast!

I always aim to finish the photo shoot at the same place we met.

Any outstanding balance is required on the day of your photo shoot and you’ll receive your brand new dating photos within five working days of your photo shoot.

Need a little help to find love online?

We are absolute pros when it comes to stopping people in their scroll. So if you’d like to get more profile views, more messages and more dates, get in touch.

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