Dating Photos

Abolish the bathroom selfie and stand out from the crowd with scroll-stopping dating photos that pack a punch!

My dating profile photo shoots take place around Nottingham city centre, giving you fun, eye-catching and varied photos for your online dating profile.

Dating photos in Nottingham City Centre
Dating photos in West Bridgford
Female smiling in a bright turquoise outfit
A photo of a male smiling during a Mini Dating Photo Shoot
Female with dark hair and black rimmed glasses peeking through a gap
Male smiling with arms folded wearing branded jumper

Dating photos in Nottingham

As a thank you for supporting my singles events, I’d like to offer you 10% discount on my Mini, Midi, and Maxi dating shoots (discount already applied).

Platinum Dating Profile Revamp

More and more clients are booking my Platinum Dating Profile Revamp package. This truly is the most unique and enjoyable experience to have you looking and feeling more confident than ever, not just in your dating world, but in every day life.

Aside from your incredible new photos and amazing dating profile, you’ll also be dressed for your photo shoot by my super talented in-house Personal Stylist and Image Consultant.

Here’s what you’ll get:

All for just £995

How to book your dating photo shoot

  1. Decide which photo shoot works best for you
  2. Pay online (or book a free consultation if you’d like to have a chat first)
  3. Choose the date and time you’d like your photo shoot (this will be pending approval)
  4. You’ll receive your confirmation email detailing everything you need to know
Male stood in yellow doorway
Female peeking around a doorway with red lipstick on
Male in a navy jacket leaning on a rock

Do I need new dating photos?

Absolutely! The better your photos, the more attention you’ll get.

The never ending scroll

Firstly, you’re probably spending hours of your busy day scrolling and swiping through lots of potential partners. Remember that others are doing exactly the same, so it’s super important you catch their eye and stop them from scrolling any further.

Catching someone’s eye

Secondly, a small proportion of these people will catch your eye. The majority of dating photos you see on your favourite dating app will be dull, boring and simply pass you by – ensure yours pack a punch and get you noticed. You’ll be one step ahead of the dating game!

The real you

Thirdly, and most importantly, show the real you. Having fun and natural dating photos that are an accurate representation of who’s actually going to turn up on the date is so important. In other words, ditch the filters – they’re so fake! 

Invest in some professional dating photos and start getting more dates.

How can I help?

So now you know a bit about me and the services I offer, what can I help you with?

About your dating photo shoot

On the day of your shoot

It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous – but honestly, you’ll relax in a flash (no pun intended).

Simply turn up on the day at the agreed time and location!

You’ll find a pinned Google Map in your confirmation so you’ll know exactly where to go. 

We’ll spend up to the allowed time for your photo shoot wandering, chatting, and having a bit of a giggle and I’ll be capturing eye catching shots along the way.

Payment is required at the time of booking. If you’d prefer to pay some other way, please get in touch before booking.

Preparing for your photo shoot

It’s time to raid your wardrobe and find the outfit(s) you’d like to wear for your photo shoot, but, be sure to select clothes that you feel great, yet comfortable in.

During your photo shoot, there will be opportunities to get changed, so hang a few things in a suit-bag or pack neatly in a bag.

Don’t forget to iron your clothes!

Pack any accessories or props that you’d like to use during your shoot, such as, hats, glasses, jewellery or your favourite book.

If you have a pet, friend or family member you’d like to bring a long, please do! Not only will you have the opportunity to be photographed together, they’ll also act as a distraction from the camera.

If you’re planning a haircut, leave a few days for it to settle so it doesn’t look too freshly cut for your photos.

Not a clue what to wear? Take a look at The Platinum Dating Profile Package which includes an expert personal styling and wardrobe session before your photo shoot.

After your photo shoot

You have a number of options when it comes to selecting your photos, either:

  • you select your personal favourites
  • we select half each
  • I choose your photos for you – most people go for this option

Back in the studio, your photos are shortlisted.

I’ll then invite you to book your photo reveal session where I’ll present the images from your session.

You’ll have the opportunity to browse and select your favourite images in your own time.

When we have your final selection, each shot will be individually perfected with a spot of post-processing.

Within five working days, I’ll invite you to download your photos from your own personal online gallery (this will be on the day of your shoot if you’ve purchased same-day service).

Additional photos can be purchased if desired.

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